How New Age Physical Therapy Can Help Elderly Patients?

Now a day physical therapy is commonly used among all people who suffer with pain, stiffness other orthopedic, neurological conditions. It could be due to accident, fall, sports, unknown reasons or age related. Most of the patients feel that their quality of life has improved after physical therapy.

Physical Therapy for Elderly Patients

Keeping physical therapy benefits in mind, for many older people physical therapy is effective to improve their mobility and function. Older patients may need physical therapy due to many reasons. Most common reasons are arthritis, walking difficulties or balance problem.

Physical therapy can restore or increase muscle strength, improve range of motion in effected joints, improve flexibility, coordination, and endurance. Along with these benefits it can also help to reduce pain by different pain modalities.

The most common pain and stiffness occurs across knee, hip, shoulder, neck and back.  As symptoms get progressively worst most patients will have trouble with their daily activities of living.

As people get older they lose muscle mass, lose flexibility in their muscle which put more stress on their joints, in turn lead to pain and stiffness. Also as you get older activity decreases this promotes muscle mass loss.

At New Age Physical Therapy we keep our patients in their game, life style by helping them to relieve their pain. We have skilled therapist who can assess your problem and make a unique treatment plan which can put you back on track. We also educate patients on their home exercise plan which can make them independent in their own well being.