When you’re in pain, nothing seems right. You miss out on your favorite activities. You may miss work and feels annoying and miserable with pain we can help you. At New Age Physical Therapy, we offer hands-on methods to relieve your pain and improve your function as quickly as possible.  We are conveniently located near Little Neck, Close to Little Neck Pkwy.  That means getting you back to your job, your life is one phone call away. New Age Physical Therapy Near Little Neck we are specialized in all Orthopedic conditions our therapist are more then 11 years experience in this field and has seen many different orthopedic cases and has treated skillfully.  With convenient location, parking facility and a caring staff, we provide the dedicated, qualified care you need to feel better and live better.

New Age Physical Therapy provides a client-centered approach in the field of musculoskeletal health and orthopedic physical therapy to identify the underlying factors causing pain and affecting movement and function. Treatment will include combination of Manual Therapy, Soft Tissue Mobilization, Strengthening, Stretching exercises and or use of Electrical Modalities to alleviate your pain.  We have convenient hours with late evenings and weekends. New Age Physical Therapy is conveniently located near Little Neck, Queens. New Age Physical provides you with the personalized, one-on-one care you deserve in a friendly atmosphere. Our goal is to restore each patient to his or her highest possible level of function.