Pre-operative physical therapy can help to reduce the number of patients going for surgery.  Physician will decide based on your strength, endurance and other factors whether you are candidate for pre-operative Physical Therapy.

Why do I need pre-operative Physical Therapy?

Studies have shown that a patient who is doing pre-operative Physical Therapy can avoid many post-surgical complications such as blood clots, infections, stiffness, pain, contractual that can delay recovery.

By prescribing pre-operative Physical Therapy, your surgeon is increasing the chances of a faster recovery, an easier rehabilitation, and a successful surgical outcome.

Who can benefit from Pre-Operative Physical Therapy?

Pre-operative conditioning is appropriate for patients who need an assistive device to ambulate after surgery and any patient who needs more strengthening and flexibility to achieve better post-surgical results. As prescribed by your surgeon, the therapist will design a program appropriate for your individual case. The program will challenge you physically, but will not exceed your capabilities.

We can help you to understand your surgery and what you should expect after surgery during the first few weeks. Your pre-operative physical therapy may include:

  • How to use crutches/walker without putting any weight, some weight or all weight on it.
  • How to manage your pain post-surgery along with your medication. What you can do and what you cannot do.
  • What are the precautions you need to take.
  • Teach you basic exercises, which will benefit you by preventing stiffness in the joint and reducing swelling.

You think pre-operative Physical Therapy will help you? Talk to your physician and give us a call. Our Physical Therapist will be happy to answer all your questions.