What to Look in Your Physical Therapist

At some point in your life – maybe after an injury or surgery, or just after you reach a certain age—there’s a good chance you will find yourself going to physical therapist’s office. And as you look around at the balance balls, ultrasound machines, and other contraptions, and as your body is pushed and pulled in a variety of odd and sometimes even painful ways, you may ask yourself: Does any of this stuff really help?


At New Age Physical Therapy our therapist will identify your problem and treatment as part of their evaluations, which are backed by solid scientific evidence.   Some of therapy may include:

1. Heat and cold

A hot pack sure feels good on an aching any part of your body. Same for the heat from an ultrasound machine, which can warm tissue deep in your body. And a cold pack on a swollen joint can also feel nice. But none of it will help you recover faster. It makes patients feel good, but it’s not very helpful, but using those things aide in recovery along with other therapeutic exercises and it helps psychologically.

2. Electrical stimulation and ultrasound.

Electrical stimulation and ultrasound could be part of your treatment depends on your diagnosis which helps to relieve pain.

3. Exercise machines after surgery

When patient goes to physical therapy after any surgery they should not be looking place where they have lot of equipment like gym, because after most of the surgery initial goal of therapist is to gain normal movement without any pain or discomfort.  Lot of the times those can be done with simple exercises and precautions.  Patient should look for therapist skill and dedication to their condition and treatment.

4. Changing exercise program

In any physical therapy care therapist needs to change patient’s exercise protocol depends on their needs and it has to be done as frequent as needed.  If you are stuck with same routine you might want to ask your therapist more questions or look for some other place.

5. Manual therapy

It’s very important that wherever you are going for physical therapy they are explaining your problem in detail and plan of treatment.   It is also important that they are using their manual skill to get you better and you are not just using machines.  Manual therapy like stretching, soft tissue massage, neural mobilization, joint mobilization.

6.  Seeing one therapist

It is important that you always seeing one physical therapist so they can track your treatment and modify as needed.

If you have any other question of wants to speak to one of our physical therapist please feel free to call at 718-224-3818.