Do you suffer from stiff, painful hands? Do you have numbness in hand? Do you have difficulty with writing? Hand or wrist pain can affect daily life as well as the ability to perform functional daily task. Wrist pain can start gradually or could be from sudden trauma.

Common Conditions:

Carpal tunnel syndrome is condition where median nerve gets compressed at the wrist. It happens due to swelling, thickening of tendon or trauma in that area. Symptoms are burning, tingling, numbness, weakness in fingers especially thumb, index and middle finger. Patient with this condition treated conservatively with NSAIDS, injection therapy, physical therapy and night splint. Patient doesn’t response to conservative therapy will be advised for surgery.

Dupuytren´s contractual in which finger bends towards palm and cannot be extended fully. It is common in little and ring finger. Cause of this condition is unknown. Non-surgical treatment for this condition will be splinting, steroids and physical therapy.

Skier´s thumb is One of the most common injuries in the hand is a tear of one of the ligaments that supports the side of the thumb. It is common mechanism of injury doing skiing, falling onto the hand. It is mostly treated with immobilization and splinting followed by gentle exercises.

Fractures are common around wrist and hand area. Most common hand fractures are metatarsal fracture, phalanges fracture. Boxer’s fracture is a metatarsal fracture. Most common wrist fractures are scaphoid fracture and colles fracture. Fractures are treated with immobilization and/or surgery followed by physical therapy.

Physical Therapy:

As per type of injury our physical therapist will give treatment you and plan personalized therapy to restore function and minimize pain as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please call our office if you have any questions regarding your condition.