Role of Therapist in Gait and Balance Physical Therapy

It is very common to develop problem with walking or getting imbalance as we get older. It could arise from many underlying causes. It is important that you discuss your problems with your primary care who can guide to go to neurologist and or physical therapist. Physical therapist plays major role with gait and balance. 

Physical Therapy for Gait and Balance

Most common causes for gait problems or imbalance

The common causes include arthritis, neuropathy, stroke, vertigo or inner ear problems, Parkinsonism, multiple sclerosis, disc problems, recent fracture, surgery, injury.

Treatment for each above mentioned condition is different but in most cases physical therapy may help patient. 

The Role of Physical Therapist  

Once patient is scheduled with us. On their first visit our physical therapist will evaluate you in detail and try to understand impairment and underlying causes. Once they conduct detail assessment therapist will speak to your physician if there any discrepancy in findings.

Exercise is the best way to manage lot of patient with balance and gait abnormalities. The primary goal of physical therapist is to help patient to bring their muscle strength to normal, modify their activity if it needs to, and make sure patient is performing their activities of daily living without trouble. Physical therapist will work change exercises routing progressively to get optimum muscle strengthening and balance.

Physical therapy plays a very important role in the recovery of patients who have balance and gait problems. Treatment may vary and depends on many factors.

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